Forrest Fulker


Greens mower at RVR, basic mechanic at Carbondale Car Care, grunt at a fish processing plant in Alaska, Aviation Electricians Mate in the Navy, Financial planner for Primerca Financial Services, Mortgage broker for Saxson Mortgage, Electrician for Brads Electrical, Framer for Koru Construction, Manager at village Smithy, food runner at Rustique French bistro, and a server at the Pullman in Glenwood are all the jobs it takes to become a professional pumper!

Thats right, my resume before buying half of AVR on February 1st, 2008. I guess you can say I was searching all over the place until I found my passion. Yes, I am passionate about pumping liquids from disgusting holding tanks and fixing any problems that get in my customers way.

Im obsessed with what we do as a company and it shows. Since 2008 we have lost everything we had and come back to become the number one service provider in two of the four categories we compete in. Its time we attacked the other two categories with a vengeance.

“You dont want to be focused just on making money. You want to be focused on creating that group of enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, appreciative and happy people.”