Forrest Fulker and Brian Flynn are partners in the fastest growing pumping business in the Roaring Fork Valley. We have gone from collecting fryer oil from restaurants as a hobby, to a full fledged commercial and residential business. We are now the number one collector of fryer oil between Aspen and Rifle with over 120 restaurants that utilize our services. We are also the number one Grease Trap servicing company that cleans, and repairs grease traps, lift stations and interceptors for commercial kitchens between Aspen and Rifle. Our push in 2015 is to show the residential sector in the Roaring Fork Valley that if they haven’t used AVR for all their septic and plumbing needs, they still haven’t used the best.

Forrest Fulker

forrest bio “You dont want to be focused just on making money. You want to be focused on creating that group of enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, appreciative and happy people.”

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Brian Flynn

brian_flynn Recognizing a need for better service in the collection of used cooking oil—Brian launched AVR in 2002.

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